Thursday, 2 December 2010

Catch-Up October

October I spent mainly researching for my minor project on Water for Elephants and for my dissertation on the "changing role of women in vampire fiction". My project work was just doodling ideas from descriptions in the book and old photographs of 1930s circuses that I found during my research. I like to just doodle things down before getting an exact idea on what I'm doing as I feel the more I get into a project, the more of a journey I take with it and doodling seems to help. I'm still struggling to find a style that I feel comfortable working with but maybe my style will just be a bit of everything as that is what I seem to do!! As well as 1930s circus footage and photographs, I looked at Dorothea Lange's photography of the Great Depression which are so amazing- they depict such a strong sense of the lonliness and despair that was felt in the era and they really make you think. At this point, I was working towards an idea of the final pieces being some sort of narrative, albeit as a book or just a narrative sequence. These are some of my initial doodles playing with charaterisation and setting...

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