Thursday, 2 December 2010

Catch-Up November

November was mainly dissertation month as the first draft was due in at the end of it. I managed to write about half of what needs to be done but I'd rather write half well than try and rush and write a load of rubbish!! With the project, I started to look at circus posters, particularly ones from Eastern Europe and started to consider narrative posters as an idea. I had a go at a few collages and paint mixes (see below) but I didn't really enjoy doing them so whilst looking at the posters, I got the idea of paper cut-outs/ silhouettes into my head and had a go at making some roughs that related to the story.

I really like doing this sort of thing, although I haven't done anything like this at uni, and looked at the work of Emma Van Leest and Rob Ryan for inspiration. However, I really need to work on my images being more gritty and dramatic to reflect the sinister side of the story. Obviously these are just rough ideas, same as sketching with a pencil only it takes longer, but it was a useful experiment to do to see what I could do with the medium.

I'm considering trying these out on a bigger scale as they are currently only A5 size. Also, I have started to look at Film Noir and some of Tim Burton's work for inspiration. I love how Burton exaggerates form and plays with light and dark to create atmospheres and characters so hopefully I can gain some valuable inspiration from him for my final pieces. I am still unsure as to what format my final images might be but I'm working on ideas!

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