Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Some things that caught my eye in Agadir, Morocco

Me and the other half took our first holiday together (in seven years!!) in June to Agadir in Morocco. Our hotel (Riu Tikida Dunas) was beautiful; very clean, large rooms, massive lagoon type pools and an abundance of food to choose from in the restaurants. The staff were lovely too and although the evening shows weren't West End quality, everyone enjoyed them and had a good giggle.

We went on two excursions; a camel ride which was enjoyable but after 2 hours in the sun, in the desert wasteland of Agadir, we were cream-crackerd! Our second excursion was the Atlas Mountain 4x4 trip and my favourite of the two. The scenery was breath-taking and we saw lots of little villages who, although have no running water, every house had a satellite dish and a TV!! We had a Berber breakfast in a traditional Berber house of "Moroccan whiskey" ( mint tea with honey), Berber bread, argan oil, olive oil, honey and this stuff which tasted like watery peanut butter. It was ok but I'm not a fan of peanuts so not something I'll be recreating at home! The only downside to the day trip that I got quite ill on our return so that was me out for the count for the next few days! Still, we saw and tasted some amazing things and, although I probably wont go back to Morocco ( I don't like to go to the same place twice), it was good to get away and relax! But the question is, where do we go next holiday?!!

In the lobby of our hotel, there were loads of these huge and beautiful paintings signed by an artist called Garcia Gutierrez. I'm still trying to find out who this is but all of the paintings are stunning. A sort of quirky mix of traditional Moroccan life with a modern, vibrant twist. If anyone knows who this artist is, please tell me

Again, I haven't the foggiest who did these (I imagine one of the chefs) but different food sculptures were displayed in the hotel restaurant every evening and they were a visually edible delight to see!