Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm so bad at this blogging thing!

Apologies! It's been months since I've posted anything on here- I'm really not great at this blogging thing!

Still, my challenge to decorate my entire local school is still underway and this is my latest mural.

Before I did this, there was a very old painting of a clown that scared the children and parents alike and the teachers want it gone! So I waved my magical paintbrush wand and voila!

The children really like it which I'm pleased about- I heard one of them say to another "Hasn't she done well?!" (She is 4!!!) Made me chuckle! And the headteacher has given me another two tasks for next time so that should be good!

I'll endeavour to post more things I do from now on... we'll see how long it is between the next blog!!

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