Monday, 14 May 2012

A Lovely and Eventful May Weekend

Well, what a weekend!! After my stressful time trying to un-delete my blog, I went to the cinema to see The Lucky One with my best bud. What a lovely, lovely film... and Zac Efron is just... mmmmmm! However, I am yet to see or read a Nicholas Sparkes film/book where someone doesn't die...So if anyone can recommend one where that doesn't happen, I want to read it!!

It's definately one to add to my DVD collection but the highlight of the film wasn't the shower scene with Efron but the experience of the poor boy three seats away. For some reason ( I can't think of one) the wee Goosberry had come to the cinema with his friend/sister/cousin and her boyfriend who snogged constantly throughout the film whilst the poor boy hid his head in his hood trying to make it all go away! On one side he had Efron doing his thing and the other, loves young dream. What could he do but hide, bless him!!! I've never seen someone leave a cinema as quick as he did as soon as the credits started to roll!

Now this is going to sound really old and boring and whilst I don't mind PDA's, I would have thought that if you are going to go to the cinema and pay nearly £10 plus nibbles for the privaledge, at least actually watch the film!!! Haha I sound like my Nan!

Now Sunday was another kettle of fish altogether! I took my Dad to Bruges in Belguim for the day (birthday treat) and it was grand, apart from having to get up at 5! It's a really beautiful city and I definately recommend a trip, even if it's only for 4 hours! We had frites and a bratwurst in the square and wondered around all the beautiful chocolate shops. People were putting up fences and we didn't know what for but then there was a huge cheer and it was the Bruges Marathon! You don't see one of them every day! And, the clean up afterwards was so quick it was amazing! All the runner's cups and bottles were picked up in seconds and within 5mins you wouldn't have known there had been a marathon at all!

Now another recommendation is the Salvador Dali Gallery in the square- he's an artist I've always found very interesting and intriguing.

And very, very odd.

Maybe that's why I like his stuff! My favourite pieces were the Three Elephants (elephants with long spidery legs, carrying strange objects) and his images combining photos with other mediums but (annoyingly) I don't know what they are called. Not overly fond of the strange squiggly stuff  but Alice in Wonderland and Dante's Inferno are also must-see pieces!

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